Our intention behind writing this book is twofold: first, we wanted to paint in broad strokes a realistic picture of today’s environmental collapse, including the juggernaut problem of global warming; second, we wanted to highlight the important principles of the Buddhist teachings (the Dharma) inasmuch as they are especially relevant in dealing wisely with the environmental crisis.

Amazingly, many well-educated people are still ill informed about the planet wide environmental devastation that is occurring as a result of human activities. We have had people assure us that they were familiar with “all” the details, but then their lifestyle suggested otherwise. We believe that anyone who truly understand what is unfolding before our eyes will radically modify his or her approach to life. We are living in a moment in history that is equivalent to war time, except that the future of human civilization, even the future of Earth’s biosphere, is at stake.

George Feuerstein and Brenda Feuerstein

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